NewObits.com saw a need in our community – a complete and all-inclusive list of obituaries so we, as a community, can help each other with the healing process after a loss. Traditional obituaries are often cost-prohibitive for families, often costing hundreds of dollars. Some families have been forced to abridge their tributes out of necessity to save money or eliminate photos, and others haven’t been able to publish an obituary at all. NewObits.com exists to pay tribute to our loved ones. Free to the families. Free to the Funeral Homes. Free to the readers. Obits are an important part of the healing process. Obituaries are a great way to honor and remember our loved ones.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact us. If you are a funeral home and would like to participate, please let us know.

NewObits.com is made by Vitality South and is generously supported by local businesses. You can reach them at info@newobits.com.