2 thoughts on “Hunter Jacob McDaniel”

  1. Dear McDaniel family, one of the saddest things someone can experience is the death of a loved one. Did you know the Bible compares death to sleep? (Psalms 13:3) Just as a person who is asleep is unaware of what is happening around him, the dead are not conscious of anything. There is a promise of hope in the Bible. Our loving God has promised to awaken the dead, as if from sleep, and give them life again. Acts 24:15 says, “There is going to be a resurrection.” The bible offers comfort for those who are grieving and I hope this brings you comfort as well.

  2. Hunter, I’m so sorry that I stopped coming around. I got scared. My last relationship was abusive and I fell in love with you and I got scared. I don’t know if I will ever forgive myself for not being there to prevent this… you were one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever encountered…I miss you all the time.

    “I know that someday you’ll be sleeping, darling, likely dreaming off the pain. I hope you’ll hear me in the streetlights humming, softly breathing out your name. I know that even with the seams stitched tightly, darling, scars will remain. I say we take them from each other, darling, and let them wash off in the rain and when they run into the river, let the water not complain. I know that even with the distance slowly wearing out your frame, your hands still catch the light the right way and our hearts still beat the same. And our hearts still beat the same…”


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